The Pediatric Transplant ID Workshop proudly collaborates with a large number of international experts in the field of pediatric transplant IDs. By working together with our extensive global network of experts from variousbackgrounds in the field, we can ensure to design and deliver the most relevant and state-of-the-art program.



The members of the Organizing Committee (OC) are carefully selected experts and inspirational leaders in their respective fields. They come together on a frequent basis to develop a scientific program tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals in the field. Furthermore, they identify clinical cases and research projects within their organizations/network and review and select abstracts. They actively participate as session chairs and join the Q&A sessions, discussions and debates during the meeting.

Boucher, Charles 2017_cropped.jpg

Charles Boucher MD, PhD

Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands

Danziger-Isakov, Lara.jpg

Lara Danziger-Isakov, MD

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, United States

Fraaij, Pieter_web 2019.jpeg

Pieter Fraaij, MD

Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands

Michael Green, MD, MPH

University of Pittsburgh, United States

Adilia Warris,MD, PhD, FRCPCH, FECMM

University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Zaoutis, Theoklis 2018.jpg

Theo Zaoutis, MD, MSCE

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, United States


13:00 PM         Registration & Welcome Coffee


14:00 PM         Opening

Session 1     Preparation for Transplantation

14:05 PM         Immunology in Transplantations

14:45 PM         Pre-Transplant Assessment of Infectious Diseases

15:10 PM         Update on Donor-related Infections

15: 35 PM        Immunization in a pre transplant population

16:00 PM         Discussion

16:15 PM         Coffee Break

Session 2     Bacterial Infections in Pediatric Transplant

16:45 PM         Antimicrobial prophylactic strategies before and after solid organ transplantation

17:05 PM         Managing Emerging Multidrug resistant organisms in transplant patients

17:25 PM         Prevention of healthcare associated infections in transplant patientswhat you should know

17:45 PM         The Real Life Situation - Clinical Case presentations

18:15 PM         Welcome reception + Poster viewing

19:00 PM         Workshop Dinner

Sunday, 24 May 2020 

Identified topics for didactic lectures

Monday, 25 May 2020 

Identified topics for didactic lectures

Session 3     Viral Infections in Pediatric Transplant

08:30 AM         EBV in Pediatric SOT

08:55 AM         CMV in Pediatric SOT: How the TTS Guidelines Apply to Children

09:20 AM         Adenovirus in Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

09:45 AM         Challenging Cases in Respiratory Viruses in Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

10:10 AM         Discussion

10:20 AM         Coffee Break

Session 4      Bacterial Infections in Pediatric Transplant

10:50 AM          Epidemiology and Risk Factors: Who is the patient at risk?

11:15 AM          Fungal Diagnostics: How to spot the fungus

11:40 AM          Treatment & Prophylaxis: How to get rid of the fungus

12:05 PM          Clinical Case

12:30 PM          Discussion

12:40 PM          Lunch

Session 5      Prophylaxis and Treatment options in development

13:40 PM          Various Industries will be invited to present on their pipeline developments

14:30 PM          Round table Discussion: What does the field need for prevention and treatment of ID                             infections in Transplant patients

15:00 PM          Closing Remarks

15:10 PM          End of the Meeting


Early fee
28 Nov 2019 - 10 Feb 2020
Regular fee
11 Feb 2020 - 11 Apr 2020
Late fee
12 Apr 2020 - 23 May 2020
Onsite fee
24 - 25 May 2020
Non - sponsor industry
Early fee
28 Nov 2019 - 10 Feb 2020
Regular fee
11 Feb 2020 - 11 Apr 2020
Late fee
12 Apr 2020 - 23 May 2020
Onsite fee
24 - 25 May 2020


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